• Mador, Israel

    Sam Perry of Wellington, New Zealand strides towards the night camp after finishing a 26 km hike in the Negev desert. He and a group of four other young people are walking a 1 000 km long trail through the entire country of Israel

  • Quarterly magazine

    Take a look at Mihal's work in layout, writing and photography in her quarterly portfolio magazine!

  • Toronto, Ontario

    A Colombian artist puts on a macabre display, pouring containers of 'blood' over herself. The display is part of a collection of performance art pieces at the XSpace Gallery in Toronto. The gallery is participating in a city wide international Halloween arts celebration.

  • Frog Mountain, Yukon

    Dancers enjoy a Pogues cover band at the Frog Mountain Music Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon.

  • Toronto, Ontario

    The Virgin is a sissy - a man who is outfitted in petticoats and punished by women in a fetish of British origin.

  • Sutton, Ontario

    Guelph University student Garrett Gauthier digs a trench to run his home made irrigation system through three acres of organic farm in Sutton, Ontario.

  • Belleville, Ontario

    This man's job is to crush cars. He travels all over southern Ontario, visiting car wrecking lots and transporting the crushed materials to be recycled.

  • Sudbury, Ontario

    Sharon's husband just died and now she's on the Greyhound on her way back to Calgary. When she gets there she plans on flying to Europe and enjoy her life.

  • Belleville, Ontario

    Loyalist College's third-year biology students are breaching the future, learning to isolate and clone cells by using road kill.

  • Toronto, Ontario

    Carol and Stephanie Chery-James are a normal couple. They were married in 2008 and just bought and renovated their first home together; they're expecting a child in December 2010. What makes them different? Carol and Stephanie are both women. Full story here.

  • Toronto, Ontario

    Steve Rotschild was once an avid outdoorsman but now he gets most exercise indoors as he works to recover from a stroke. His condition has improved - he can now walk with a cane and is not confined to a wheelchair. Full story here